Columbus Half Marathon – Race Recap

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for, folks! After leaving you hanging last week, it’s time for the RACE RECAP!

O.K. So Christine (the aforementioned friend) said “Let’s walk Columbus together!” and I was all “Alright!” and so we signed up. We picked training plans and sent each other encouraging texts and it was wonderful and there were rainbows and unicorns and I SWEAR bluebirds were flying around my head putting ribbons in my hair.

At least for the first half of the training plan. The second half? I realized that after this race, I was really going to be done. My heart just isn’t in the long distance training anymore…not that it was all that in it before.

Life intervened for Christine, too, and I’m just so thankful that we were on the same page about this race being just for fun. This is one of our conversations toward the end. (FYI: It doesn’t matter who was texting who. The sentiments were interchangeable)

We’re going into this fairly undertrained, but knowing we would enjoy it because you seriously would only do something this crazy for someone you love, right? Right.

Fast forward to race day. After fighting traffic, we made it down to the start line with only a few minutes to spare. We got to our corral, stood around for less than 10 minutes and then we were off.

As always, the energy at the start line was awesome. But we were only a few miles in when we heard:

“If you are behind the woman with the balloons, you need to move to the sidewalk.” Repeated every 10 seconds.

The woman with the balloons was the 6 hour marathon pacer. The man telling us to move to the sidewalk was a cop. And I seriously have never felt more anxiety in a race before. I knew we were slow, but I didn’t think we were THAT slow. So we picked it up a bit. Jogged a bit. And got in front of the pacer.

Turns out the anxiety was for nothing. The pacer stopped and told a race marshall that the cop was wrong and needed to get off his bull horn. The only people that needed to be worried at that point were the walkers doing the full marathon.

Awesome. Thanks, Mr. Cop Man.

At some point, we fell in with the 3:30 half marathon pacer, so at least now we had an idea of where we needed to be until the finish.

The rest of the time? We just talked and it was glorious. We caught up on each other’s lives. We laughed. We cried…especially during the Angel Mile. The race benefits Columbus Children’s Hospital and mile 11 is Angel Mile

One special mile on the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Marathon is dedicated to the Angels who are no longer here with us. Families coming together to support one another, share memories, and celebrate the days they shared with their children will make this mile an experience that gives this marathon a new meaning. When you run through the Angel Mile, run for those kids who have finished their race, and be inspired to take advantage of every single day.

It’s my favorite mile of the race.

We found Dave and the kids cheering for us at the finish line, and we finished arms held high. We collected our medals and headed to lunch.

I’m glad I did it. It was a much nicer “possible last race” than Harpers Ferry, no doubt.


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Deciding to Walk the Columbus Half Marathon

I sat down to do a recap of the half this past weekend and I realize that I never talked about why I was even doing it in the first place.

Which led me to realize that I never did a race recap of the Harpers Ferry Half Marathon way back in May.

Long story short:

It was a really bad race that I would like to forget and I vowed to never do another half marathon again.

I knew going into the race that I was undertrained. That race kicked my butt…physically and mentally. But I was ready for that. I was ready for that feeling of “Ugh, why do you keep under training?”

I was not ready for the race to be logistically not great. I’ve never felt unsafe on a course until that day. I’ve never been so alone on a course that I couldn’t see anyone in front of me or behind me. I’ve never had a volunteer literally tell me to go the wrong way on a course. I’ve never had miles go by without a single spectator telling me to keep it up.

Seriously…it was not a good experience.

The race was in early May.

Over Memorial Day weekend, the family went to Ohio to spend some time with friends that we never have time to see all the other times we go back to Ohio.

I was telling Christine how the race went and how I was done with long distance walking. She very kindly told me that I couldn’t end on a low note and I should do one more half to basically wash the bad taste out of my mouth.

In a matter of seconds, I went from “never doing a half again” to “so you want to walk the Columbus Half together”?

So we both signed up and guess what?

You’re going to have to wait on a recap!

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September 2016 Goals Update


End 2016 with more steps than 2015

(Increase Average Steps per Day)

Goal Actual
AUGUST 7500  4909

I’m beginning to enter the “Why do I bother setting goals” stage of the year.

Spend less money on parking than I did in 2015

(Track monthly spending)

2015 2016
AUGUST $19 $17


Earn 6000 reward airline miles

(Take 10 surveys a month)

Goal Actual
AUGUST 10  17

August put me over the top for claiming another 2000 miles!

2016 PopSugar Reading Challenge

(Read at least 25 of the 41 suggested books)

 11. A book that’s becoming a movie this year  The Zookeeper’s Wife – Diane Ackerman
 21. A book recommended by a family member  Night – Elie Wiesel
Totals SEPTEMBER – 2 books read YEAR – 23/25 books read

September was the year of WWII non-fiction.

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Things I say (seemingly constantly)

In no particular order…

  • Have you…?
    • …brushed your teeth
    • …taken your vitamin?
    • …put on deodorant?
    • …finished your homework?
    • …washed your laundry?
    • …dried your laundry?
    • …put away your laundry?
    • …finished your chores?
  • Fifteen minutes until the bus comes!
  • How are you going to balance out that meal?
  • Please turn down the volume on your (insert device here).
  • If you want something different, so something different.
  • Let’s eat!
  • Let’s go!
  • We need to leave NOW!
  • I should really…
    • …go for a walk.
    • …get off my screen.
    • …take a nap.
    • …clean.
    • …go to bed.
  • Be careful.
  • I love you.

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Here we go again

I am notoriously bad at stretching.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I go through fits and spurts of really good, consistent stretching then I just stop. Then I get hurt, and vow that I will return to stretching because it’s a really easy way to avoid getting hurt.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

I’m currently in the “hurt” phase of that cycle. I hurt myself…let’s say “dancing erratically”. There’s a video on Facebook if you’d like to see exactly what I was doing.

Dancing. I hurt my back DANCING. Ugh.

I finally went to the doctor yesterday after not getting any better with ice, heat, and tylenol (oh, ibuprofen…how I miss you. Stupid ulcers.) and she confirmed that I have a lumbar strain.

New plan: ice, muscle relaxers, stretching, slow walking, and tylenol.

This is not the first time I’ve gotten hurt because of my inconsistent stretching. And they’ve all been in about the same area. My lower back and hips are not good places to be. As the doctor put it, I was “prime for injury”. She basically said it was just a matter of time before something happened.

What’s it going to take for me to understand?



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August 2016 Goals Update


End 2016 with more steps than 2015

(Increase Average Steps per Day)

Goal Actual
AUGUST 7500  6854

That’s a little better.

Spend less money on parking than I did in 2015

(Track monthly spending)

2015 2016
AUGUST $21 $13

That’s a huge improvement!

Earn 6000 reward airline miles

(Take 10 surveys a month)

Goal Actual
AUGUST 10  3

Well. 3 in August is better than 0 in July. Or something.

2016 PopSugar Reading Challenge

(Read at least 25 of the 41 suggested books)

 7. A romance set in the future  These Broken Stars – Amie Kaufman
 15. A book written by a celebrity  Year of Yes – Shonda Rhimes
Totals AUGUST – 2 books read YEAR – 21/25 books read

O.K. So those two books brings me to a grand total of 21 so far. I have no doubt I’ll be reaching (dare I say PASSING) this goal for 2016.

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I was listening to a parenting podcast the other day that was talking about fear. They used the acronym F.E.A.R.


I know that I have several fears, but I try (sometimes unsuccessfully) to not let them control my life. I’m afraid of the dark. I’m afraid of open spaces. Those are the two that come to mind right away.

But after listening to the podcast, I realize that a lot of the things that drive my biggest disagreements with the kids are actually my own fears…things that I recognize as my own shortcomings that I don’t want the kids to have to deal with as adults.

  • I’m afraid that if Emma doesn’t start eating better, she will grow up with food (and stomach) issues.
  • I’m afraid that if Jacob quits soccer, he will become sedentary and unhealthy.
  • I’m afraid that if Emma gets tutoring, she will grow up thinking she’s stupid.
  • I’m afraid that if Jacob can’t figure out how to manage his time, he will grow up thinking procrastination and the stress that it creates is the only way to do things.

And yes, I do realize that in trying to control their “problems” is, in fact, a problem in and of itself.

Sometimes I can’t see the forest for the trees. I know that my kids will grow up to be amazing adults.

I just need to get over my own fears so that they have room to do it.


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Ten Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Hugging the kids after we’ve not been getting along so great
  2. Not turning on the radio or podcasts and just enjoying the quiet
  3. Restaurants that indicate their GF options on their menu instead of having to ask for a separate menu.
  4. Skype
  5. Software updates that download correctly on the first try
  6. Afternoon naps
  7. Quantifiable evidence that I worked my butt off at work.
  8. Hugging a person who uses yummy smelling hair products.
  9. Using some celery to dig into a jar of peanut butter.
  10. Getting all of the kids’ school supplies from one store in one trip.

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July 2016 Goals Update

I had a feeling July wouldn’t have much to show for itself, but it was much “worse” than I thought…

End 2016 with more steps than 2015

(Increase Average Steps per Day)

Goal Actual
JULY 7500  5519

I’m going in the wrong direction…

Spend less money on parking than I did in 2015

(Track monthly spending)

2015 2016
JULY $15 $12

That’s pretty good.

Earn 6000 reward airline miles

(Take 10 surveys a month)

Goal Actual
JULY 10  0

Um. Well. O.K. then.

2016 PopSugar Reading Challenge

(Read at least 25 of the 41 suggested books)

Totals JULY – 0 books read YEAR – 19/25 books read

Apparently, I took the month of July off from everything…

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Vacation Workout Plan – The Illinois Edition


Officially back in half marathon training so I’m going to keep myself accountable to my workout schedule. Nothing like putting it out there in the universe to keep me honest, right?

Monday – 45 minute walk
Tuesday – 30 minute cross/strength
Wednesday – 45 minute walk
Thursday – 30 minute cross/strength
Friday – rest
Saturday – 5 mile walk
Sunday – rest
Monday – 50 minute walk

I’ll check in on Tuesday with how I did. I’ll also post pics of completed workouts on Instagram on FB just to cover all my bases.

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