Learning from the Detox

The last three weeks of January, I participated in a detox hosted by Laura at Mommy Run Fast.

For me, the whole reason I wanted to do it was to see if I could avoid going to a gastroenterologist. For several months at the end of the year I was having a lot of stomach issues…mainly bloating and gas. I would wake up in the morning feeling like I had eaten a full meal. I ate because I knew I had to, not because I was hungry.

The detox was designed to go sugar, wheat, dairy and meat free for the first 7 days, and then you had the option of adding back in dairy and meat after the first week…but to keep avoiding wheat and sugar.

As always, I did not follow the plan 100%, but I certainly did my best. I completed Week 1 completely dairy, wheat, meat, and sugar free…but then I had a small piece of candy at the end of the first week.

I felt awesome the first week. Then I started being more lenient on Week 2.

And I had moments of feeling like crap on Week 2. I tried to reign it back in for Week 3 and I started to feel better again.

Here’s what I discovered about my stomach and dairy, wheat, sugar, and meat:

  • I have no problem eating meat…and I also have no problem not eating it, too. I didn’t miss meat at all that first week, and I had no adverse reaction once I added it back in.
  • I can go longer than I thought without dairy. I played with this one the least, going almost the whole 3 weeks completely dairy free. Once I reintroduced it, I had no adverse effects…until I had apparently had too much (3 servings in 1 day).
  • I don’t need sugar in things that I was convinced I couldn’t eat unsweetened.
  • I can eat a little sugar (fun size bars…a few hershey kisses…a few bites of a restaurant dessert) and still feel fine but when I have too much sugar (5 fun size bars…30+ hershey kisses…a whole restaurant dessert) I feel horrible. HORRIBLE.
  • I have not tried having something sweet every day like I used to. I don’t think I would like the results so I’m just not even going to try it.
  • Wheat seems to have affected me the most. Just like with the dairy, I feel HORRIBLE if I have wheat more than once a day.
  • I feel no need to go gluten free, I just have to be careful with how much wheat I have in a day. I went ahead and bought myself some GF snacks for the days when I have wheat, but I have no plans to go GF full time.

Overall, I’m amazed at how much better I feel most of the time now. I feel no need to go see a gastroenterologist anymore, which is HUGE.

Once again, learning that moderation is key…in everything.


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4 responses to “Learning from the Detox

  1. I love that you are learning how to take care of YOU without going through a million tests to tell you to do xxx! You are doing it a little at a time for what works for you!!

    YAY! for moderation!!

    Hugs! Ann Gregory http://the3day.org/goto/JAnnGregory14

  2. glad you were able to get things worked out 🙂

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