Quarterly Measurements – January 2014

It’s time for my first body measurement of the year! Woohoo!!

I have to tell you, I struggled a bit with it this morning. I had no problem breaking out the tape measure and the camera, but I waffled a lot (o.k., less than 5 minutes) about whether or not I should weigh myself. After giving up the scale in November, I have not set foot on it once. I was really worried that stepping foot on it today would mess with me.

Then I realized it had no control over me. This was purely for record keeping. I got the scale out of the recesses of the closet, stepped on, wrote down the number, then put the scale away.

I can handle that every three months, me thinks.

There are some small differences here and there, but overall it’s pretty much the same (except for my weight). As always, my biggest obstacle is consistency. I’m still doing Crossfit (but not as often as I should), I’ve been trying my hand at Intuitive Eating, and I’m doing the Green Smoothie Challenge and Detox Challenge.

The key to seeing results will be me continuing to do these things once the formal challenges are over.

Photo Oct 02, 10 43 13 AM

Measurements 10/2/13

Neck – 13″

Upper Arm – 12″

Chest – 34.5″

Waist – 30.5″

Navel – 36″

Hips – 39″

Thigh – 22.5″

Calf – 13.5″

Body Fat % (estimate) – 28.1%

Weight – 156.6

Photo Jan 08, 10 45 49 AM_Fotor

Measurements 1/8/14

Neck – 12.75″

Upper Arm – 11.5″

Chest – 35″

Waist – 30.25″

Navel – 35.5″

Hips – 38.25″

Thigh – 22.5″

Calf – 13.5″

Body Fat % (estimate) – 27.2%

Weight – 152.4

That’s it! More pics in 3 months!!


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2 responses to “Quarterly Measurements – January 2014

  1. But what am I gonna do for three months?

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