July 2013 Goals Wrap Up

  • 31 thanks
  • Read 465 minutes with the kids – (466/465)
  • Log 3 hours of workouts on DailyMile – (3:50)
  • Complete a 5k somewhere – NOPE!
  • Finish December 2010 scrapbook pages – DONE! 
  • Finish June 2013 scrapbook pages – DONE!
  • Read 465 minutes – (575/465)

I always feel that when July is over, we are headed down a slippery slope until the end of the year. I can’t believe school starts in two weeks. That’s just crazy talk.

I’m not sure why, but I had a hard time remembering to do thanks in July. Maybe it’s because we traveled a bit and we were out of our normal routine, but there were a few days where I either got them up really late or totally forgot until the next day. I made a point to go back and fill something in for each day, though.

We finished reading By the Shores of Silver Lake and only have a few chapters left of The Long Winter left in the Little House series. We’ve got three more books after this. As excited as Jake is/has been about the books, I think he’s anxious to get to the end of the series so we can move on to something else. I’m not sure what else we’ll read after this. Any suggestions for a read aloud for me?

I feel like I just barely made my goal of 3 hours on DailyMile. All of those logged minutes took place in the last two weeks of the month. Procrastination, FTW! I didn’t get a 5k run this month (July seems to be a hard time to find a race around here) which means I have to increase my efforts to get all 13 races in for 2013.

I also realized this month that the idea of triathlon was just too much for this year. I really wanted to fit one in, but it just didn’t work out. Plus I haven’t been on my bike in months. MONTHS. My last time on the bike was in February. I’m truly, truly starting from zero on that. and I just looked back and I don’t think I’ve been in the pool since May of 2012. Holy crap. Yeah. If I want to do a tri, I need to start putting the work in. I haven’t done a tri since 2011. I’d like to do one, but I keep coming up with reasons why I can’t do one. Fear? I don’t think so…I’ve done five so far. I’m not sure what the deal is. I just don’t want to put in the work.

I also didn’t have a monthly challenge for July and I’m not sure I’m going to have one for August. I can’t think of one that I want to do…but I got a ton of things I want to improve on. Ugh.

Moving on…

I am DONE with my 2010 scrap pages. DONE. DONE. DOOOOOONNNNNE!! I’m quite excited about this. I was already finished with 2011 and 2012, and since I’ve kept current with my 2013 pages I’m feeling REALLY good about where I am with my scrapbooking. I have a few more small projects for this year, and then next year I’ll start with my travel/vacation pages (as opposed to my day-to-day pages). Once the travel/vacation pages are done, I think I’ll be up to date on all my scrapbooking. That will be a HUGE sigh of relief. Huge.

For my own reading, I read War Brides by Helen Bryan and When She Was Gone by Gwnedolen Gross. They were both….meh. War Brides kept me interested, but the ending (which I will not reveal) totally ruined the whole book for me. When She Was Gone just left me waiting for something to happen. It wasn’t nearly as suspenseful as it could have or should have been.

That’s it for july. On to August. I’m tired just looking at this list…

  • 31 thanks
  • Read 465 minutes with the kids
  • Log 5 hours of workouts on DailyMile 
  • Complete the Happy 10k
  • Complete the Wonder Woman 5k
  • Finish Scrapbook Family Tree
  • Finish July 2013 scrapbook pages
  • Read 465 minutes


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3 responses to “July 2013 Goals Wrap Up

  1. Tracy

    I didn’t know you were a scrapbooker – I am too. Well, mostly a collector at this moment, but working on getting back into actually using, not just buying! 🙂

  2. enjoy your races this month!! 🙂

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