Fitness Friday (on Thursday) – Back at it

Fitness Fridays(on Thursday)

I’ve taken far too much time off. And we all know: The more time you take off, the harder it is to get back in the game.

I kind of gave up running there for a while and started doing CrossFit.

Then summer came and I kind of gave up CrossFit (there’s no childcare available).

Then July came and I kind of gave up everything else, too.

Then I realized that I still had 7 races to get in to complete 13 in 2013.

Then I signed up for 4 races that I’ll finish in August and September.

Then I thought, “Gee…if I’m going to do 4 races in August and September, then maybe I should start running again”.

I’m smart, yes?

So, I’ve run twice this week. I didn’t want to tax myself too much.

And, in  a few weeks the kids will be going back to school which means I can get my butt to CrossFit again.

To sum up:

  • I was doing some stuff.
  • I stopped doing stuff.
  • I started doing stuff again.

On the one hand, not taking myself too seriously leads to a lot of wasting time.

On the other, I’m filled with almost no guilt when I’ve fallen off the wagon and very little ego when I climb back on again.


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5 responses to “Fitness Friday (on Thursday) – Back at it

  1. What wasting time? Just look how far you’ve progressed in Candy Crush! Oh wait … 😉

  2. Tracy

    You’re spending good, quality time with your family! That counts for everything! 🙂

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