June 2013 Goals Wrap Up

  • 30 thanksDONE!
  • Read 450 minutes with the kids – (452/450)
  • Log 4 hours of workouts on DailyMile – (11:05)
  • Complete Children’s Village 5k – (34:29.6)
  • Complete Clean and Lean Challenge – DONE!
  • Log 30 miles for Walk With Mel – (27/30)
  • Finish November 2010 scrapbook pages – DONE! 
  • Finish May 2013 scrapbook pages – DONE!
  • Read 450 minutes – (474/450)

So, I’m FINALLY getting my June goals wrap up in. I’m a speedy blogger, yo, but I have a raging headache today (please don’t be a sinus infection…) so I won’t be all wordy and stuff. I’ll just give you the highlights…

We finally finished reading Kingdom of the Bears. It was all right. The kids really seemed to enjoy it, though, and I love that we’re mixing books up as far as genres are concerned. I was able to get my hands on the next Little House book, By the Shores of Silver Lake, so we spent most of the month switching out between those two books.

I knocked workouts and 5ks and challenges out of the park in June. I fell a little short of my Walk With Mel miles, but I averaged out right on target over the whole challenge. In case you missed it, here’s my 5k recap and photo proof of what I’ve been doing.

I finished all my scrapbooking…WOOHOO!

I read some books! I finished up Jasper Jones which was just kind of o.k. and I knocked out Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen. I love her books.

July is up next. I wasn’t sure if you knew that. I can already tell you that July is going to be a non-productive month. We have been (or will be) traveling too much for me to be productive. Nothing wrong with that!

  • 31 thanks
  • Read 465 minutes with the kids
  • Log 3 hours of workouts on DailyMile
  • Complete a 5k somewhere
  • Finish December 2010 scrapbook pages
  • Finish June 2013 scrapbook pages
  • Read 465 minutes


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4 responses to “June 2013 Goals Wrap Up

  1. Reading a great way to spend time with the kids! I need to get back to it myself. I think you had an awesome month and really did great on your 5k!

  2. You need to unread two minutes to your kids to hit your goal. How the hell are you gonna do that?

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