Measuring Up

While I don’t consider myself a slave to the scale, it is the only measurement tool I use. I tried for a while to live without the scale, but I just wasn’t in a place to do that yet. I gained a bunch of weight back and just generally felt blah.

But it’s always been scale or no scale…nothing else. I’ve never been consistent about measuring or posting progress pics or anything like that. Stepping on the scale takes two seconds and all that other stuff…well…takes longer.

And I’m lazy.

So there’s that.

But, I’m getting to a point in my life and have made several realizations that NOW IS THE TIME. Shit happens so you better jump in with two feet while you can.

Feel free to make that into a little pinterest thing with a picture of a girl jumping with a beautiful sunset as the backdrop.

I started CrossFit three weeks ago and the scale has been going up as a result. I realize my body is saying “What the WHAAAA…??” so I’m not too concerned about the scale right now. I am also participating in the Clean and Lean Project this month and someone asked if anyone was going to take measurements to track their progress.

Jumping in with two feet in….3…2…1…

Photo Jun 05, 8 10 11 AM


Neck – 13″

Upper Arm – 12″

Chest – 34.5″

Waist – 30.75″

Navel – 36″

Hips – 39″

Thigh – 23.5″

Calf – 14.75″

Body Fat % (estimate) – 28.5%

Weight – 159


I’ll do another picture and measurements in a month!


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8 responses to “Measuring Up

  1. barif0815

    I just started doing the NROLFW workout again and took measurements on Monday. Here’s hoping we both lose some inches, even if the friggin’ scale isn’t cooperating.

  2. sometimes it’s just better to not let the scale be the only thing that tells us what we are doing is good or not. Looking forward to seeing your results after a month doing cross fit!

  3. Brooke White

    You are awesome! I love that you took the time for all the specific measurements! I started working out again in January. After being a serious couch potato for a very long time. And I cleaned up my eating and started counting calories. I took two measurement, my waist and my hips, and of course my weight. Do you know it took me three freaking months for that scale to go down even one measly pound?! Actually, I gained a couple pounds first. Now I’m down 4 pounds in 5.5 months and I guess a couple of inches off my waist. It has been a struggle! And frustrating to have it take sooo long to budge. That’s where I wish I had taken the time for the specific measurements because I think I wouldn’t have been so frustrated. But I’m comfortably wearing pants that I haven’t been able to wear in 5-6 years. So I guess that is progress.

  4. I’m glad to hear how you are handling this. Smart woman! 🙂

  5. brave woman!! can’t wait to see where things are at the end of the month!

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