May 2013 Goals Wrap Up

  • 31 thanksDONE!
  • Read 465 minutes with the kids – (416/465)
  • Complete Frederick Twilight 5k – 35:43
  • Log 3 hours of workouts on DailyMile – (9:07)
  • Finish September and October 2010 scrapbook pages – DONE! 
  • Finish March and April 2013 scrapbook pages – DONE!
  • Read 465 minutes – (424/465)

I have to say, May was kind of awesome. It was crazy busy, but awesome.

I fell a little short on the minutes reading with the kids. We do the majority of our reading in the evening, and May was jam packed with evening activities. We did our best to make up the lost minutes when we could, but it just got too much away from us. That’s bound to happen. We plowed through On the Banks of Plum Creek. That one we got from the school library and they stopped circulating books last week so we could start inventory. I haven’t made it to the public library to pick up the next book so we started in again with Kingdom of the Bears. I might just finish that one up before I even head to the library.

The Frederick Twilight 5k went so well, I’m seriously considering only ever racing at night now. O.K., maybe not. I’m not sure if it was the time of day or the fact that I was just kind of relaxed because I had taken myself off the hook with RLRF, but it just felt good to clock the fastest time I’ve had in nearly two years.

I blew my workout minutes out of the park. When I set that goal, I was basing it on 10 minutes a day. Then I started doing CrossFit. I haven’t been this consistent with working out in a long time. It may only be a fad and I may get sick of it in a month, but I’m riding the wave while it’s there because I haven’t felt this excited about working out in a long, long time.

I made a plan to fit in all of the scrapbooking I wanted to do in May and I just got it done. I was consistent and diligent about getting it in instead of just saying “it can wait until tomorrow…” I am so close to finishing my 2010 scrapbook that I can taste it. TASTE IT!

I was a reading machine in May…except for the fact that I fell a little short on minutes. I finished A Grace Disguised and Duct Tape Parenting.We’re trying to put the Duct Tape Parenting into practice at home more and more, with mixed results. Consistency, consistency, consistency. Book club this month was The Crooked Branch by Jeanine Cummins. I really liked this book a lot. It reminded me how much I like Historical Fiction. This one was written in two voices: one woman from today, and another woman in Ireland during the Potato Famine. It was really well done. I got through that one pretty quickly so I did something I never do: picked a book I knew absolutely nothing about. I started Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey. It’s not my usual fare (it’s a murder mystery) so I’m having a hard time getting into it.

That’s it for May. On to June!

  • 30 thanks
  • Read 450 minutes with the kids
  • Log 4 hours of workouts on DailyMile
  • Complete Children’s Village 5k
  • Complete Clean and Lean Challenge
  • Log 30 miles for Walk With Mel
  • Finish November 2010 scrapbook pages
  • Finish May 2013 scrapbook pages
  • Read 450 minutes


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2 responses to “May 2013 Goals Wrap Up

  1. miz

    how have I never even heard of the DUCT TAPE?!

  2. barif0815

    Congrats on an awesome month!

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