Fitness Friday – Getting back to it

Fitness Fridays

I feel like I’m getting a little of my running mojo back.

I ran a race last Saturday and while I had some difficulties, I felt better than I have in a while. Not to say that running is going to solve all of my woes and I know that I’m definitely going to have hard(er) days ahead, but maybe there is something to be said about “running as stress relief”.

I’ve never really experienced that before.

After taking several weeks off (or missing several weeks…I think that’s more accurate), I restarted the Run Less, Run Faster program. When I did the program last time, I felt like the workouts were a little on the easy side (relatively speaking), so I picked a faster base time and increased all of my paces. I’ve made it through the first week without collapsing so I call that a win.

My next race is my first ever obstacle race. It’s a 5k, 16 obstacle race. Honestly, I’m trying to work on strength training, but I’m probably not doing as much as I should. I’m going into with an open mind and no expectations. I will try everything, but not stress about having to skip an obstacle. It’s supposed to be fun, so fun is what I’m going for.


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2 responses to “Fitness Friday – Getting back to it

  1. ooh! you’ll have such a good time! i like the marine sponsored races because they ones you can’t do they boost you over 😉

  2. jen

    I just registered for my first ever obstacle race….I am coming to MD to do Warrior Dash in May. GET IT THEA!!!!

    ps. so glad to see you back at it. we may not like it, but physical movement is good for the soul.

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