February 2013 Goals Wrapup

  • 29 thanksDONE!
  • Read 420 minutes with the kids – (273/420)
  • Complete 10 of 12 RLRF runs – (3/12)
  • Complete Penguin Pace 5k – 37:42
  • Go dairy free for the month – incomplete
  • Finish July 2010 scrapbook pages – incomplete
  • Finish December 2012 scrapbook pages – incomplete
  • Read 420 minutes – (488/420)

I debated whether or not to even do a goals wrap up/announcement for February and March. Understandably, a lot of the goals were not met in February and it feels odd to announce the things I’m working toward in March.

The truth is, though…I need goals. I need something to work toward, even if I don’t meet a lot of them. It’s like that saying “Shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

And the truth is, the days when I have felt the most like myself are the days when I’ve gotten back to my normal routine. That’s not to say that I’m pushing the grief aside or that I’m trying to avoid feeling anything, but I’ve got to get back to normal sometime, right? So I set my goals but I also allow myself a lot of grace if they’re not met.

So, in February I got all my thanks in, ran the Penguin Pace 5k, finished up The Hobbit and read The Adventures of Robin Hood with the kids, got about 1/2 of my December 2012 digital scrapbooking pages done and read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn for book club. Gone Girl was great, but a little twisted. Again, the one of the big reasons I love book club is because it gets me reading things I never would have picked for myself.

March is going to be about getting my feet back on the ground, literally, as I work to fit running back into my life.

  • 31 thanks
  • Read 465 minutes with the kids
  • Complete 6 of 9 RLRF runs
  • Complete the Break Away 5k
  • Ten minutes of yoga every day
  • Finish July & August 2010 scrapbook pages
  • Finish December 2012, January/February 2013 scrapbook pages
  • Read 465 minutes


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2 responses to “February 2013 Goals Wrapup

  1. You are doing great Thea!! Goals help make life more normal! Good job meeting goals in February!

  2. I’m with you on needing goals and a plan. Don’t function well without them.

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