Fitness Friday – All the things

Fitness Fridays

I am now battling another bout of exercise ADD.

The newest things on my “want to conquer” list…

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Oh. And don’t forget that I want to also do this…

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Oh, and maybe I should start training for this (even thought we haven’t actually signed up yet)…

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And oh what about keeping up my bike endurance just in case I to actually do one of these…

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Not to mention that this is REALLY my goal…

Which leaves me feeling a little…

I am seriously all over the place! I don’t know which goal to focus on. There are so many things that I want to do that I have a really hard time picking out any one thing and then I end up doing nothing because I spend so much time looking into the best way to do everything.



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2 responses to “Fitness Friday – All the things

  1. My advice (that is totally unsolicited but I’m giving it anyway) – Start training for a sprint tri (or even better – an Olympic). You’ll get workouts in every discipline plus you can add in strength training for Tough Mudder. Let me know if you want a training plan. I’ve been looking at several. 🙂

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