Healthy Surprise Review and Giveaway!

Last July, the wonderful Tara had a review on her site for a company called Healthy Surprise. We’re big snackers around these parts so I was definitely intrigued by the idea of good snacks (that I didn’t have to make myself because a cook/baker I am not) showing up on our doorstep every month.

I searched the Healthy Surprise website, decided on a box, used the discount code Tara offered, and I’m happy to say that we have been loyal customers ever since.

Seriously. The kids cheer when box shows up on the porch.

So, I thought why not do a photo review of Healthy Surprise? And you all would say “Great idea, Thea!” and I would say “I KNOW!!”


Healthy Surprise offers three size options: Starter Box (16-20 servings for 1-2 people), Healthy Box (32-40 servings for 1-4 people), and Large Box (50-60 servings for 2-6 people). All the snacks are vegan and gluten free. There have been a few misses that we have received (we all discovered that we don’t like seaweed snacks or nori snacks), but overall we’ve been really happy with the products that we have received.

We subscribe to the Healthy Box. Once a month, this little beauty shows up on our doorstep:

Photo Jan 26, 1 15 54 PM

Let’s open it up!

Photo Jan 26, 1 16 39 PM

I already see some of our favorites in there. Olomomo Nut Co. Righteous Cinnamon Cayenne Almonds (excellent in my morning oatmeal)…Happy Hemp Raw Hemp Seed (also a great addition to my morning oatmeal)…and a few new things that I’m anxious to try out…

Photo Jan 26, 1 16 54 PM

HEY! I said you need to wait until I’m done taking pictures for the review!

Photo Feb 04, 3 31 00 PM

But wait! There’s a 2nd layer!

Photo Jan 26, 1 17 22 PM

Yay!! Coco-Roons! And Gone Nuts!

Photo Jan 26, 1 17 34 PM


Photo Feb 04, 3 31 35 PM

This is everything we got this month…well almost everything. There was a Maca Bar that never made it to the picture. Honestly, that little bar never stood a chance.

Photo Jan 26, 1 19 05 PM

The box has a perforated lid, so we just tear off the lid, stand the stuff upright, and then it sits in the middle of the counter for a month (more or less). It makes it a lot easier to reach for something that is a good snack option.

Photo Jan 26, 1 20 52 PM

O.K. I’m done now. You can start going through the box…

Photo Jan 26, 1 21 55 PM Photo Jan 26, 1 21 58 PM
Photo Jan 26, 1 22 33 PM Photo Jan 26, 1 23 27 PM

And if you were paying attention to the title, you’ll see that I’m also doing a giveaway so you can have a chance to enjoy the awesomeoness that is snacks delivered to your door.

The fine people at Healthy Surprise have offered to give one lucky person a free Healthy Box. You’ve got a two chances to enter:

  1. Leave a comment telling me what your go to snack is? Anything goes!
  2. Tweet about this giveaway. I’ll even make it easy on you. Just copy and paste and then leave me a comment with a link to the tweet: Hey! I want some @healthysurprise snacks delivered to my door! Good thing @ItsMeVsMe is giving some away!

That’s it! I’ll close up comments and pick a winner next Thursday, February 14th. Consider it your Valentine’s Day gift from me and Healthy Surprise!

FTC people: I’m a subscriber to Healthy Surprise. They offered me a free additional box to review and a free box to giveaway. All opinions are my own.


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49 responses to “Healthy Surprise Review and Giveaway!

  1. salted almonds. its an addiction!

  2. thanks for making the tweeting easy!

  3. Rachel M

    I don’t have a twitter account but wouldn’t mind trying the healthysurprise snacks out! I am kinda addicted to the KIND bars lol bought a box of 16 through a groupon deal … didn’t last more than a few days in our household LOL

  4. I love rice cakes with nut butter on them! Yummy healthy snack!

  5. Alinda

    Right now my go to snack is pretzel chips and spicy red pepper hummus or almonds. Although I end up eating more than I should. 🙂

  6. Nuts and/or dried fruit are some of my favorite snacks.

  7. Tweeted!

  8. Pistachios, but given their prohibitive cost and the fact that I just can’t stop until the bag is gone, buying them is a rare occasion. So, I buy lots of those dehydrated fruit things for the kids and usually grab that. They are surprisingly filling and the crunch helps me feel like I’m being decadent :).

  9. Salted Almonds ! God I love them !

  10. pop chips…salty with a crunch!

  11. Alinda there’s my link. Hope indis it right 🙂 I love spicy red pepper hummus and almonds. Plain almonds and lime n chili almonds

  12. Liz Palmatier

    Lizzy (@ItsjustLiz) tweeted at 11:49 AM on Thu, Feb 07, 2013:
    @ItsMeVsMe Hey! I want some @healthysurprise snacks delivered to my door! Good thing @ItsMeVsMe is giving some away!

  13. Liz Palmatier

    My fav go to snack….natural nuts. No salt…just the nuts. LoL

  14. My go to snack is pecans…love them!

  15. Jennifer

    I love to snack on air-popped popcorn or fruit.

  16. Jen

    My go to snack is almond milk yogurt with fruit and granola 🙂

  17. Jen

    I tweeted 🙂 @marathonmom10

  18. Fruit is my go to snack but I would love to try this out!

  19. We’re big on almonds and raw macaroons these days!

  20. Sarah V

    I am in love with the Island Mango flavored Matt’s Munchies!

  21. rexburgrunner

    My go to snack is carrot sticks and hummus. Yum!

  22. rexburgrunner

    I tweeted

  23. Emily

    Fruit or nuts (especially cashews) are my favorites. Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. My go to snack at the moment are cuties. You know, those cute little oranges.

  25. This sounds awesome!!! Right now, my favorite go to snack is just simple…crackers & cheese. 🙂 I tweeted about this give-away as well, but not sure how to leave you the link. I’m @aratris though. 🙂

  26. My go to snack ends up being carrot sticks a lot of the time – boring, but healthy!

    My tweet:

  27. Elizabeth wiggins

    Wow this looks like a great (much healthier) alternative to my favorite snack…. Half of a peanut butter sandwich. I am addicted to peanut butter! Hope I win! 🙂

  28. Jillian

    Apple with pb, cocoa powder, and cinnamon every time!

  29. My go-to snack is often something bad like tortilla chips or a handful of chocolate chips. Luckily, I don’t snack very often.

  30. Deanna G.

    Chobani! 🙂

  31. nice! I’m sure I can’t win because I’m international but I just love this concept!

  32. runningpaolarbear

    My go to snack is almond peanut butter and an apple.

  33. Madeline

    I like bananas as a go-to snack.
    madelinebrubaker {at} gmail (dot) com

  34. nichole p

    all of my fave snacks are unhealthy! Which is why I definitely need to check out this healthy surprise idea!

  35. Popcorn is totally my go to snack! Or Weight Watchers had these Celebration Cake bars that are amazing!!

  36. Dani

    My go to snack is popcorn with lemon juice and pepper.

  37. Love apples with peanut butter!

  38. i love healthy surprise!
    my favorite snack is [always] a banana, peanut butter + dark chocolate chips!

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