Personal Weight Loss Challenge Results – THE VLOG!!

If you like vlogs that are rambles,  scatterbrained, late in the day, with lots of background noise with natural slurring that occurs after 1 glass of wine, THIS IS THE VLOG FOR YOU!


Oh. Sorry. I’ll stop yelling.

The Dietbet that Roni is hosting that I talk about can be found here. It starts this Friday so jump on in if you’re so inclined. And a longer (much, much longer) vacation recap is here. Enjoy!


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4 responses to “Personal Weight Loss Challenge Results – THE VLOG!!

  1. While you may not have met your personal goal, I think it awesome that you went on a cruise and basically maintained your weight! That’s huge! WTG!!

  2. Dude! Maintaining while on a cruise is a HUGE freaking win!!!