Little Voice #12

Hey! Great job on losing those two pounds while you were road tripping it after Christmas. You made smart food choices, you indulged a little, and you moved your body a little. You showed a lot of discipline and you LOVED that Dave noticed how hard you were trying.

But seriously. WHAT THE HELL??

Why, WHY, after doing so awesome did you come home and hit the Christmas candy so hard.

And “because it was there” is not a good answer.

You need to learn that you can’t bring that kind of stuff in the house. You just CAN’T! You say you buy it for the kids, but the kids aren’t eating it. YOU ARE!

And stop saying it’s “for the kids”. The kids don’t need it either! Cookies or ice cream every once in a while is fine. But they don’t need 4 different kinds of candy AND cookies AND ice cream.

Neither do you. So hide it. Put it someplace that is a total pain in the ass to get to. If the kids want to ask for it, then you get it out. If it’s still there in a month, throw it in the trash!


Stop sabotaging yourself.

You do it every damn time.


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6 responses to “Little Voice #12

  1. Dude – our little voices should get together. I had a crappy weigh-in this morning, so I ate 2 cookies and 2 rice crispie treats. Slap me.

  2. I apologized to my daughter Pisa because I quit buying Triscuits because I couldn’t lay off of them. Her response: “Ewwww, I hate Triscuits!”

  3. miz

    **holds out trash can**

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