Resolution Run Virtual 5k Recap

Well, my first race of the year is already under my belt and I’ve taken my first steps to running 13 in 2013. On New Year’s Day I ran a the Resolution Run Virtual 5k while we were in Ohio.

I really would have loved to traditional 5k, but there weren’t any in the area where we were. We were only in northern Ohio for one night and we were driving home to Maryland on New Year’s Day. Whatever I was going to do had to be from the front door of the hotel we were staying in.

Between the snow and cold and ice, I didn’t have any “real” runs the week leading up to this.

Truth be told, I’m a wimp when it comes to the snow and ice. I went each of the days of my planned runs but only stayed out for about 10 or 15 minutes before I wimped out and came home. I wasn’t sure of my footing so a few of those were even walks. BUT I was bound and determined to do the virtual 5k, even if I had to walk the entire way.

It had snowed a few inches overnight in Ohio. Dave went out for his run first and let me know that not a lot of sidewalks were cleared, but that the streets weren’t very busy so that’s where he did a lot of his running. He also put in some distance in the mall parking lot across the street from our hotel.


So I suited up, grabbed a piece of toast from the hotel breakfast buffet, and headed out.

Evidently, that hour between when Dave went out and when I went out made a big difference because I never felt comfortable enough to run in the streets with the cars. I ran through some hotel parking lots (about 1/4 mile) before I headed out to the sidewalks. I immediately started walking because it was that combination of old snow that froze over topped with new snow that’s a little slushy and it’s hard to judge where the sidewalk is versus the street and you don’t really know how deep it is.


That lasted for about a 1/4 mile before I hit some sidewalks that had actually been shoveled. Guess how long that lasted?

About 1/4 mile.

After that, it was nearly a mile of unshoveled snowy sidewalks. I tried my best to run 3 minutes, walk 1 minute, but that quickly turned into 2 minute/1 minute intervals, which quickly turned into 1 minute/1 minute intervals.

I’ve never really run in the snow. It is HARD. You either have to high knee it to get your feet out of the stuff or it’s like running through sand or mud. I don’t like it much. My legs were screaming out me.

Anyhoo, I hit the 1.55 mile mark and I turned around and headed back the way I came. While I had “run” on the sidewalks on the way out, I decided to brave the street on the way back. It was much clearer and I was able to get quite a bit more running in.

That is, except for the times when I came to a complete stop because there was a car coming and I had to jump into the snow on the side of the road until it passed. That was how the 2nd half of the run went, until I got back closer to the hotel and I could start running in parking lots again.

Was it the most ideal race in the world? No. But it’s run and done and sometimes that’s all you can ask for!

Sometimes “pushing yourself” is in the choices you have to make instead of the physical act of running. Running in snow is hard. avoiding cars while running in the street to avoid the snow on the sidewalks is hard. Navigating the ice is hard. But dealing with the regret of not running at all is so much harder.


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12 responses to “Resolution Run Virtual 5k Recap

  1. Great job Thea!!! You are brave, I hate running in the ice and snow too. I am afraid I will fall or a car will slide down the road and hit me. I joined the gym for that specific reason!!! Good luck on your 13 in 13.

  2. Way to go Thea! Making yourself a priority is the best thing you can do for yourself in a new year! Running in those conditions make you a total rock star to me!

  3. At least you got out there & did it! Great job!

  4. The most important thing is that you got out there and did it! Making you a priority in 2013 is awesome. You deserve that!!

  5. Great job, Thea! Way to get out of your comfort zone – I’m proud of you 🙂

  6. Way to go Thea! You should visit out west; we hardly ever get snow and runners are out in light-weight gear year round! (I’ve seen them! LOL!)

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