Fitness Friday – Miles of Names

Well, it’s finally here. The Richmond Half Marathon is tomorrow.

I’ve done all most of my training.

I rediscovered that I can actually do this and I’m stronger than I give myself credit for.

I’ve set myself some time goals.

I found myself some support. Here’s who I have “running with me” tomorrow:

  1. Lisa & Tara (who is running a 15k tomorrow)
  2. Kirsten
  3. Jen & Meegan (who is running a 10k tomorrow)
  4. Bari (who is running the Disney Wine & Dine tomorrow)
  5. Adah
  6. Brooke
  7. Beki & Kate
  8. Sarah
  9. Carla
  10. Tricia
  11. Dacia
  12. Ann & Roni (who was nice enough to provide her own visual)
  13. Susan

I’ve got my Sharpie packed to write all those names on my arm tonight. There’s still time, though, if you want to be added to the list! Just leave me a comment here or on Twitter and I’ll add you to my arm. I’ll have an app running (ha) on my phone that speaks Twitter replies to me, so tweet me during the race.

I’ll take all the cowbell and cheering I can get!


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7 responses to “Fitness Friday – Miles of Names

  1. Have a blast tomorrow. Richmond’s a great course. Head in slow – you’ll need to have some gas in the tank for miles 5-8 (beautiful park, lots of hills). By the time you’re at mile 10 or so, it’s a nice easy downhill to the finish.

    As Rob Schneider would say, “You can do it!”

  2. stalking you fer the recap🙂

  3. I can’t wait to read the recap! It takes me forever to write mine…so NO pressure! LOL

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