Putting my PR Goals out there

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I’ve been feeling really good about my training for Saturday’s Richmond Half Marathon. My training runs have been strong…albeit a little slower than I imagined. That being said, I’m putting goal time out there that’s been faster than my training runs, but I still think is achievable.

Another breakdown of my goals:

  • 2:51:00 – All of the stars align and I run a perfect race PR.
  • 2:53:59 or less – Still a PR.
  • 2:56:00 – Realistic time based on training runs.
  • Any time at all – Happiness because I set out to run a half marathon and I finished.

There’s still time to run with me! I’ve got 5 miles left where I’m running alone so sign up to keep me company!


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12 responses to “Putting my PR Goals out there

  1. Awesome goals, Thea! I have some time goals for this weekend too, but knowing this is a Disney race, the temp will be 30+ degrees higher that here & the race is at night, the goals are too up in the air at this point.

  2. Just think of it as two half-half-marathons… no wait… why not think of it as four half-half-half-marathons. Wait, wait…

  3. Great goals! I’ve heard this is a great race. I’m sure you’ll do fantastic!

  4. what triing2survive said. cheeeeeeeeering you on from the ATX

  5. I love that you’re setting a goal for yourself and giving yourself a range of possibilities. Make sure you rest up well before your run and I have a feeling you’ll perform better than you think! I’ll be screaming THEA THEA THEA all the way from Halifax! (PS – Tara and I are doing a trail run on Saturday. She’s doing 15K and I’m shooting for 10K, maybe we’ll be running at the same time with you!)

  6. I love your chillaxed attitude. I need some of that. Actually, this time around I’m just enjoying it and not putting so much pressure on myself. I think it also helps knowing 1) I survived it once, I’ll survive it again. 2) I’ve got 3 more to run this season so I can always improve my time. I kinda wish my parents weren’t in town again for this one though, makes me feel a little pressure…though it shouldn’t. Good luck!! xo, Jess

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