Marathons and Hurricanes and Doorknobs, OH MY!

Last weekend was all kinds of crazy. Dave ran the Marine Corps Marathon and then we got hit by Hurricane Sandy.

Well, I guess when you put it that way really only two things happened. But it was all the little stuff that made it all kinds of crazy. And little stuff demands a list.

Be prepared for my Totally Randomly Epic Recap of a Marathon and Hurricane Weekend presented in Totally Randomly Epic Order (using bullet points).

  • My husband kicks ass. He set a goal to run the Marine Corps Marathon in 3:30. His official time was 3:30:08.
  • Driving down the George Washington Parkway makes me happy because of all the beautiful trees and views across the Potomac.
  • Staying in Alexandria, Virginia was not as far from the start line as we had feared.
  • I have never driven around the freeways of MD/DC/VA without getting lost. Never. It happens at least once every time I’m on them.
  • When you stay in an older hotel, always bring your phone into the bathroom so you can leave updates like this on Facebook:

  • Sidenote: I evidently have a thing with doorknobs.
  • Emma gets super whiny when she’s asked to stand outside for a really long time when it’s cold and windy. Unless you give her a camera, then she’s happy for a bit. But you might not like what you find when you download the pictures.

  • Let Jacob play his DSi, and he will pretty much stand anywhere, in any weather, for any length of time.
  • I was in worse shape hours after the marathon than Dave was. I napped, he didn’t.
  • It’s a weird sensation, sitting around in a hotel room wondering if you should spend one more night based on whether or not they close the kids school because of a hurricane.
  • George Washington Parkway is not as beautiful when you are worried the trees may spontaneously fall on you at any time.
  • Our flashlights stink.
  • When the power went out, it probably wasn’t the best decision to go out to eat. The power went out there, too, and we were a little worried we wouldn’t be able to pay since we only had a credit card.
  • We didn’t prepare very much for a big storm and we were a little stuck when it came to options. We didn’t have cash, we didn’t buy ice, we just sort of winged it.
  • When the weather man tells you to prepare for a big storm, you need to listen. Every time, no exceptions. The worst that could happen is that you have a lot of cash and too many non-perishable food items.
  • It’s hard to read by candlelight. Dave figured he never would have made it in colonial times. I never learned needlepoint or how to play the harpsichord so I’m not sure I would have fared much better.
  • It doesn’t matter if you think a tree won’t fall. Mother Nature doesn’t care what you think.

  • This is our 2nd hurricane since we’ve lived here. Sandy was definitely worse than Irene for us. We didn’t have half the devastation that coastal towns had, but I can honestly say that I will never forget the sound of that wind. Ever.
  • In Emma’s words “Hurricanes are dumb”.


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9 responses to “Marathons and Hurricanes and Doorknobs, OH MY!

  1. So glad you all fared alright in the storm. Hurricanes are dumb. And terrifying.
    I’m also glad you escaped that hotel bathroom.
    Kudos to Dave on that kick ass Marathon! He’s smokin’ fast!
    Happy Monday and have an amazing week.

  2. Great post. Glad you all got through it well. Bummer about the door.

  3. I’m so glad the only thing broken for you was a tree. Big high 5s to Dave for his marathon and for you dealing with all the other stuff. MWAH

  4. Congrats to your husband for his awesome time on his full marathon! That is a FANTASTIC time! So glad you guys weren’t harmed any more than you were with Sandy.

  5. I’m so glad you and your family are safe. Your husband is a rock star with that time…crazy fast! I kinda sorta wish you’d been half clothed when the repair man came to your rescue…how funny would that have been? 🙂 Nah, I’m not that mean. Having a smart phone always makes me less nutty in those type of situations too. I think patience is a thing of the past. 🙂

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