It’s hair raising!

I have never had what one might consider “good hair”. I come by it honestly. One of my most vivid memories of my mom is watching her put on her Wet & Wild red lipstick and curse her hair as she wet the comb and ran it through trying to make it lay down.

It never laid down. Which pretty much cursed me from the get go. (Look at those cheeks!)

When I was in grade school, I kept it long but pulled back in a VERY severe ponytail. That sucker was so tight it gave me headaches. And that’s how I wore it every single day. Sadly, I couldn’t find a picture of that. The first picture I could find was of my mullet. (Look at that top!)

Eventually, I cut my hair and it looked halfway decent in middle school, at least on school picture day. Thanks to my sister for curling my hair. I’m not sure I’ve ever curled my own hair. Hell, I don’t even own a curling iron. Or a hairdryer, for that matter. (Look at that gap!)

Moving on…

I wore my hair long in high school. That was when I got a little rebellious. Well, as rebellious as I was going to get. I was very safely rebellious. I shaved my hair, but only the underneath part. (Look at that dress!)

Eventually, I let the shaved part grow out. And I just let my hair grow…

…and grow…

…and braid…

…and let out and grow some more. Holy crap, I had a lot of hair. This is a rare picture of my hair down. I usually wore it back in a scrunchy. It looked horrendous long, but looked even worse short because my sister wasn’t around to curl it for me like on picture day.


Eventually, I got sick of my hair and cut it off in a not horrible style. It was still a heck of a lot of hair, just a shorter version of it. Plus, Dave doesn’t really like short hair so that always stopped me from getting it cut too short. (Look at that belly!)


Why am I telling you all of this? Well, I currently have the shortest cut I’ve ever had. It’s by far my favorite and I love the lady who cuts my hair. But even this short hair has some drawbacks. Like today, for instance, I’m having to deal with The Curl.


While it doesn’t look horrible from the front, it’s quite large and annoying from the side.


And while I was driving today, I cursed and thought “I need to wet this and comb it down.”

The morale of the story: I’ve become my mother. Just without the red lipstick.


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4 responses to “It’s hair raising!

  1. That’s so funny!! I’ve hated my hair forever but I am wearing it short now and I don’t hate it so much;) love your “rebellious” hair!!

    I am the first sentence of this post—because Ive never had any hair 🙂

    • I’ve grown an appreciation for my hair as I’ve gotten older. I was considering putting that down as my answer to you Facebook question. It definitely identifies me.

      Oh, that reminds me! I used to do a Cousin It impression. No picture of that.

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