Mindful September – Catching Up

O.K. So I fell a little behind. It happens. Time to catch up. That happens, too. Just not as much.

September 12: Compliment a friend – This didn’t actually happen until the 13th because I don’t think I saw a single person on the 12th. I pretty much stayed home all day. It was glorious. So, I told a friend on the 13th how great she looked in a dress she was wearing.

September 13: Make a bucket list. – This one has been done a while. Feel free to take a look!

September 14: Eat chocolate. – Well, considering I stepped on the scale and realized I’ve gained 15 pounds, I decided to skip this one. I’m not that big of a chocolate person anyway. Before I stepped on the scale, I did have a carbonated beverage which is rare for me. So I’m changing this from “eat chocolate” to “Drink an Izze Sparkling Clementine”.

September 15: Dance, dance, dance. – Done, done, done. Of course the kids joined in!

Whoo! O.K. All caught up! Anyone else doing Mindful September??


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6 responses to “Mindful September – Catching Up

  1. I’m not doing Mindful September, but I love the concept and I love reading your blogs about it. Where do you get all these ideas?

  2. i was going to follow along, then got sick. poop. i’ll catch up.

  3. um not here 🙂
    maybe a mindful monday?!

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