Further proof

I volunteer every Monday for Emma’s teacher. I do officey type stuff…copies, cutting, assembling, stapling… You know, the stuff the teachers don’t have a lot of time to do because they’re TEACHING.

As I was checking in at the office, the class intern (a high school student) was just checking out. We greeted each other and then the following conversation took place…

Her: Hi!

Me: Hi! How are you?

Her: Good! Are you volunteering in the classroom today?

Me: Well, I’m actually headed to the volunteer workroom for her today.

Her: Oh. Shoot.

Me: Why? What’s up?

Her: It’s just that you’re the Tallest Mom we have.

Me: Um…what?

Her: She needs stuff to hang off the ceiling and I’m too short to do it, even when I’m standing on the chair, so I was just thinking since you’re the Tallest Mom we have, that you might be able to reach it.

Me: Well, of course if she needs help in the classroom, then that’s where I’ll go.

Her: Oh, good. I’m sure you’ll be able to reach it.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s only a matter of time before the transformation to my alter-ego is complete…

Image Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Image Courtesy of Marvel Comics


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9 responses to “Further proof

  1. That’s too funny!! Glad you were there to help the “little people” out!! lol

  2. Too funny! I volunteer for a reading program at our school and we keep our paperwork on this really high shelf. The other tall mom and I joke about how you have to be tall to run the program, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to reach the stuff.

  3. Beth Hughes

    Awesome reference. My husband will be so proud.

  4. Christine

    That is sooo you! Dave would love the outfit, do you have one? 😉

  5. Dave

    I would love that outfit….. but you can’t wear it with heels!!

  6. Tina

    Just add this to the list of what makes you fabulous!!! Love you!

  7. LMAO. At 5’10” I completely relate!!!

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