Wordless Wednesday – 1st Day

5 minutes into the room and he was already hard at work…


For more pics, visit Wordless Wednesday or 5 Minutes for Mom!


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17 responses to “Wordless Wednesday – 1st Day

  1. How exciting! It’s so wonderful when a child is happy to be at school.

  2. Good for him😉 Some kids enjoy school while some others don’t.

    Happy WW!

  3. What a great attitude. The kids all business.

  4. AD

    now if that is the light, i see the future bright🙂

    Elegant Expressions

  5. Aww! Back to school! So cute! Happy ww🙂

  6. I would like to be back at school too😀
    He is so handsome!

  7. He is in serious concentration mode. Love it.

  8. The first day of school is always so special. He looks so diligent!

  9. Happy Back to school! Happy WW!

  10. I hope the momentum continues throughout the school year.

    Happy WW!!!!

  11. Go get ’em tiger! Good to see such enthusiasm, wonder how long it will last🙂

    Happy Wednesday!

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  12. What a work ethic! I also really like his bag.

  13. Hope it was a wonderful first day! Looks like he’s working hard!

  14. Awesome! Hope he has a fabulous school year.

  15. Aww! They grow up fast donèt theyÉ
    Happy WW!

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