Fitness Friday

Fitness Fridays

I am in a workout zone.  I’m really proud of the way I’ve been following through with what I’ve set up with so far.

While we were in Virginia Beach last week, I took a walk every day.  I even did some running while we were there.  Jake was like my own little reminder service.  All I had to do was tell him I needed to do push ups before he went to bed and he reminded me each evening.

And the trend continues:


  1. I finished Week 4 of the the 100 Pushups program this morning.  Tomorrow, I need to complete a progress test to see how many push ups I could do without stopping. In order to NOT repeat Week 4, I need to crank out at least 31 good form push ups. YOWZA!
  2. As promised, I finished up  C25k Week 3 this week.  I’m changing things up this time around.  Instead of doing the training based on time, I’m doing it based on distance.  Since I didn’t follow through with the training the last time, I never actually ran 3.1 miles before 5k day.  I hope to turn that around this time.
  3. I love the Wii Active.  I just do.  I enjoy it so much that I actually kick the kids out of the room if they are being too loud.  I figure that’s better than stopping the workout because of the kids.  Sounds kind of mean, though, doesn’t it?

I’ve got the bug.  Let’s hope it sticks with me!

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One response to “Fitness Friday

  1. You are doing awesome! Stick with this bug…it’s the kind of bug everyone needs to have! 31 push-ups, wow!! I’m impressed!
    Wii !! I love the Wii….and no, you deserve time on the Wii, too — where it is quiet enough to concentrate! That’s why I do it after bedtime!!
    I’m going to ask for the WiiAcive game for my birthday, cuz everyone keeps telling me how great it is!

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