Stop! Random Time!

  • We went to Ohio over the weekend to attend a friend’s funeral.  41 is much too young to die.
  • I’ve never laughed so much at a funeral.  You know you are saying goodbye to a special person when she arranges a cardboard cutout of herself for pictures, insists on having her picture put on a stick for people to hold in the air, and wants people to sing karaoke…
  • Apparently, I have no idea how to NOT be tired. I’m tired all the time. And not just a little tired, but lay my head down on the table during lunch tired. I can’t sit on the couch without taking a nap and have fallen asleep 3 times over the past week with a computer on my lap.
  • This is an insanely long post.  But if you can make it to the end, it’ll be worth it.  I promise.
  • Jacob went to bed last night at 7pm and had an hour or two nap this morning from 11am-1pm.  Evidently I’ve passed my sleepiness on.
  • I haven’t been away from the kids at all in 2 weeks.  Wait, I take that back.  I did get to go to a funeral and a botched dental implant appointment.
  • We leave for Virginia Beach in 5 days.  I feel like I’m forgetting something…
  • Dave and I leave for Prague in about 3 weeks.  I’ve done nothing for that trip.  Wait, I take that back.  I have a plane ticket and my passport is good so I guess that’s something.
  • I should really shave my legs before I go to the beach.  But not before then.
  • Heat and I don’t get along.  It totally, TOTALLY wipes me out.  And when I say heat, I mean anything over 78 degrees.  Which is why sitting in the sun for 2 hours during swim lessons has been especially fun in the upper 80s…
  • Considering getting a person to clean the house so that I can have more time to sleep and complain and blog and not exercise.
  • I should really exercise.  Maybe even today!
  • For dinner last night, I had 3/4 bag of Cool Ranch Doritos and some chocolate ice cream straight from the carton.  I added some peanuts to the carton for some extra protein.
  • Considering restarting the Couch to 5k program again with Heather.  She started yesterday.  I’m already behind.
  • I’m feeling fairly bumpish and loggish.
  • After talking to my dad over the weekend, I decided I really need to get in for a physical.  I have a history of diabetes on both sides of the family, my dad is on cholesterol meds, and I found out that one of my sisters and one of my brothers have a problem with their triglycerides.
  • I had an elevated triglyceride reading when I was pregnant with Emma, but they said that pregnancy can skew the results.  They said to come back 6 months after Emma was born.  I didn’t.  Now I wish I had.
  • I wish I could sit down with a bag of grapes the way I can sit down with a bag of chips.
  • I should read listen to more music and watch less TV.
  • There’s a lot of things I “should” do.
  • Your turn!  If you made it this far, congratulations!  Tell me something random about yourself and I’ll enter you for a $25 gift certificate to anywhere you want.  If I can get it, I’ll get it for you!
  • I’ll close the comments at noon 2pm EST on Thursday.  That gives you 2 days to tell me something about yourself.  And if you should happen to tell your friends about this, that’d  be cool.
  • One extra entry each for Tweeting this, Subscribing to me, and answering this question: How old are my kids? Leave a comment for each additional entry.
  • Don’t tell anyone there’s a contest!  Why ruin the surprise??
  • I know.  I need help.


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16 responses to “Stop! Random Time!

  1. Your kids are 6 and 4. It’s cheating for me though.

  2. And the random thing will shock you. I actually ran at the gym yesterday. A half mile. And walked a half mile. And did 9 miles on the bike. I am going to be buff I tell you!!! I haven’t run on purpose for 20 years.

  3. Roxymommy

    My random thing is… There is a motion sensor paper towel dispenser in the bathroom here at work. I feel guilty when I hit it twice to get two paper towels. If anyone else is in the bathroom with me I will only take one and leave with damp hands!

    Tweet Tweet

    And I think your kids are 4 & 6. Mine is 5. There you go!

  4. i did the C25K plan and loved it! you should try it – especially if you have a buddy!

  5. I think I already said this in one of my posts, but I used to hide during the group run in track. I hate running THAT much. And that was when I was in shape. But I’m feeling good about C25K!
    To add to my random, the best time I hid was with a friend. We found a huge patch of blackberries, found a way inside, and ate blackberries while everyone else ran. Suckers.

  6. Random fact: I really, really, need to paint my toenails. It’s been like two months. Ew.

  7. Lisa

    Random fact: This is the tannest I have EVER been in my LIFE!

  8. Lisa

    Children: Six Years old and Four Years old

  9. Ok something random about me — I’m almost 44 years old and my oldest son is almost 19 and my youngest is 5 1/2! And no there are none in between, except for the ones that are up in heaven waiting for me that didn’t make it past 13 weeks! Yes, they are from the same daddy! We’ve been married almost 25 years!! Gosh that’s a long time to be married to the same person!!

  10. Tina in the car

    I’m not sure if this counts as random, but in 6 months time, I’ve gone from 4 sisters and 2 brothers to 4 sisters, 2 brothers and a half-sister to 3 sisters, 2 brothers and 2 half-sisters!! I should write a book. BTWn Jacob is 6 and Emma is fabulous and 4!! I miss that little red head!!

  11. Erik

    Some random things about me- I get a strange feeling when I see too many cars with only one headlight on in a short period of time. And yesterday there were two cars directly in front of me without hubcaps. That wouldn’t be so strange , I suppose, but my car doesn’t have hubcaps either.

    Plus- I experience little scenarios that may or may not be true.

  12. I love Target. I got to go today. Just walking in the door makes me happy. I don’t know why, but it’s my favorite place! How’s that for random?

  13. Um….random….we’ve gone through over 100 Flav-R-Ice style popsicles this month in my home. Divided by the three people eating them, that’s like 3.5 per day, per person!!

  14. I’ve shaken the hand of a sitting president of the US. well, he was actually standing at the time. but you know what I mean.

  15. I think your kids are four and six.

  16. Randon fact……I have a mole on the top of my ear that i think makes me look like Mr. Spock from Star Trek.

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